"St.Petersburg", Mazzota ed, Milano 2002, Introduced by the writer Serena Vitale, a photo book translated in Italian, English and Russian. pages 144








Illustrated Book, pagg 200 , Milano 2020

preview online:

llustrated Book, pagg 150 , Milano 2019

llustrated Book, pagg 450 , Milano 2020

preview online:

2 new Illustrate/Photo b/w Books about Argentina, printed in 2019 November and December: numbered 50 copies not venial for EasyRain Automotiv firm (Mesopotamia) and a private italo-argentinian person (Buenos Aires Indizi).

see link: babaindizibd.pdf

"L'organo del campanone", Milano 2010 graphic-design by Alfred Drago. A work prepared during the construction of a mechanic organ german style. Every piece of the organ is homemade. The organ is been made for a romanesque chapel of the IX siecle. To make the organ occured 3 years of working and 6 people.





"Strade d'autore, 40 itinerari culturali in Europa", Touring Club Italiano, 2006. 25 years of travelling preparing cultural paths in Europe, following the steps of musicians, writers, film-makers, painters






"Argentina", illustrated travel guide, Moizzi Ulysse edition, Milano, 1990-1997. It's been one of the first guide on Argentina. Illustrated by photos and graphics, the guide tells the best country of ConoSur. From the Norte region to Tierra del Fuego. A great and literary oriented chapter is dedicated to Buenos Aires







Travel Book-Guides Oscar Mondadori and Weekend Sperling :

"Costa Azzurra e Provenza", Oscar Mondadori, Milano 1991

"Costa Spagnola e Isole Baleari" Oscar Mondadori, Milano 1989

"Alpi Svizzere", Oscar Mondadori, Milano 1989

"Spagna del Sud", Weekend-Sperling edizioni, Milano 1996



"Tatto e Contatto: Vimercati SpA", Milano, 2008, reversal double face book, curator and author ": Vimercati: tatto e contatto, Milano 2008, vers franco-tedesca, reversal book, double-face




"Yaguari", Elena Bonatti Edizioni, Buenos Aires, 2012: an illustrated book over an estancia at Corrientes, Curuzu Cuatia (Argentina)







"Sapore di Capri", Milano 2005, Quadratum ed. per Azienda autonomo di soggiorno di Capri




"Villa Maria", Martinez/Buenos Aires ediciòn privada 2016