Techint-Tenaris, photo-installation "Il nuovo nato" over the steel factory of Siderca Campana for the hall of the Techint Skycraper in Av. Alema Buenos Aires- Argentina


Easyrain, Automotiv firm, Torino


"Bonetti Acciai Firm", Lombardia, brossure






Lawyer International Firm Office "Nunziante e Magrone", Milano-Roma, brossure






Fratelli Agnes Winery: photo-polyptych for the show-room cellar and roll-up and shooting for their website




"Tecno SpA" Forniture Firm, brossure, Milano, design by Pippo Lionni



Park Hyatt Hotel Milano suites and Business rooms photo-polyptychs


Levorato Abrasiv Firm, shooting and polyptychs for brossure, fairs and website, Padova, Italy